Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Attempt!

This was my attempt at a fingerless mitt. I went a little overboard. It is a very simple knit, however, I spun the yarn myself from the shedding from my Great Pyrenees, Sammie! It is very soft and surprisingly, does not shed!

This is my first attempt at a cable. I think it came out fine, but next time, I think I'll check my gauge first. It is a little large for me!

I raise Shetland Sheep and spin yarn, so I think it appropriate for my next fingerless mitts I will make with my own wool! I'll keep you all posted!


Joe's blog said...

I like the second ones...

Sally HP said...

I have a giant lab and I'm totally skeeved by all the hair he do you process the yarn so that it doesn't smell like wet dog? I love the ingenuity, but don't know that I could ever get past the logical brain knows that other animal fibers are essentially the same thing, but it just seems so different.