Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets

Here are my symmetrical braided gauntlets, hot off the needles. The day I saw them on this blog, I was wearing a sweater I made last year out of blue faced leicester dyed by a friend and spun by me. The cuffs are a bit loose and I decided I had to have a pair of fingerless mitts to go with it. Serendipity rules! I guess I have to take them off now long enough to block them. On to the next pair....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hostess Here - Getting back up to speed....

(BTW - I'm going to try and make this "sticky" so it stays at the swap, until the sign ups close)

Whew what a weekend! =) For those of you who don't know, I went to SAFF (a fiber festival in asheville, NC) last weekend and it was quite busy. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things and get caught up on all things knitalong.

So - if you were waiting on an invite, I just finished sending them out this morning. If you asked for one, and you haven't received it please check your junk email to make sure it didn't get routed there and then send me another email. My email addy is up on the sidebar under the welcome message.

And I didn't forget about the contest! =) I'll announce the winner tomorrow, they will be randomly picked. Thank you all for your wonderful pattern suggestions! =) I didn't quite realize how many there were going to be and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed getting them all up on the sidebar. Is there 1 or 2 people out there who would be able to help me? It doesn't really require much technical knowledge, I can show you how to add an item to the bar and it probably wouldn't take much time, perhaps an hour or two but it would help me out greatly and I would really appreciate it. Drop me an email if you're able to help and I'll pick the first 1-2 who contact me. Thanks so much! =)

Thanks all who voted in the poll too! I had a lot of fun watching the results, at one time it was about 50-50 to those interested in joining and those who just feel too busy right now. All of a sudden the numbers in those who want to participate just skyrocketed! =) I'm so happy to see you all are as excited about fingerless mitts as I am!

Anyhow, so I've decided to host the swap! I'd like to keep it small, to keep the group on track and easy to communicate with . My number one goal is to make sure that everyone has a great experience with the swap, I want to make sure that everyone receives a pair of mitts, has fun communicating with their pal and comes away with a great feeling from the swap.

Now here comes the detail part - you would knit a pair of mitts for your swap pal and they will knit a pair for you based on your pattern/color/style preferences. You would wrap these up in a package with a few other fall themed goodies and get them in the mail by the end of November. Now I realize that is only a month away and that might be a bit soon for some people based on your other commitments. I understand that life can happen and things you can't predict may occur, however if you don't feel you can reasonably get the package out by November please don't sign up. As I've said, I'm committed to having everyone have a good experience with this swap, I have been in other swaps in the past where people have bailed or forgotten about other swap members and that just isn't fair to anybody.

Now that I've scared you all - we'd love to have you join us in the swap! =) =) Email me (addy on the sidebar) and let me know you'd like to join. I'm going to be limiting the sign ups to about 16 people, so once we're full I'll post here.
(6 spots down, 10 to go!) =)

Thanks all for making this knitalong so much fun!
Happy fingerless knitting,
Your knitalong hostess, Keri

Clarification & Correction to Kyla Pattern

I guess I posted my last post too soon. After posting my last post here I jumped over to the Kyla pattern author's blog to comment and ask her to clarify and she has updated her blog with a clarification and a correction already.
Apparently there should be 11 bobbles after the bobble row and each 'Make Bobble' uses 2 stitches (I'm still confused about this because the Make Bobble instructions looks like it uses 3 stitches - at least how I'm reading it).
Also there is an error in the pattern on Rows 16 to 18. The pattern author says she's planning on republishing her pattern today (10/30/07) so if you download the pattern after today you should have the corrected version.

Error in Kyla mitts pattern?

Is anyone else making the Kyla mitts? I've been trying to work out the math on the Bobble Row and I have to agree with user Picperfic that one can't CO 57 sts, work the bobble row as written and end up with 46 sts. If there is suppose to be 10 bobbles then Picperfic's numbers of CO 65 sts, work the bobble row and end up with 45 sts seems to work out.

Red Brickhouse Fetchings!

Excited this is my 1st submisson on the KAL! :o)
I joined the crowd and did my first pair of fingerless gloves in Fetching!
I hope to make the Dashings next by the end of November!

The Delicatos

First pair of Delicato done! Not blocked or ends woven in, but the knitting done. So by my calculations, I have 2 pairs of mitts done now. Hmmm. Okay, well I have another month or so... But in the meantime, this lovely pair, a present for someone un-nameable here, I made with a sock yarn called Monarch by Fly Designs in the Petrol colour. The sock yarn is a little chunkier than the pattern called for, but I wanted a pair of mitts that were a little more "solid" and less "lacey". They are lovely and warm, and oh so pretty in their wandering colours.

A "lacy-er" pair coming up next!

Minnesota Mittens

These are Minnesota Mittens from Folk Mittens by Marcia Lewandowski - so practical for our cold winters - when your fingertips get cold, just pull over the nice warm wooly flap!

For all the details and MANY more pictures (I went a little overboard) see this blog post.

Kureyon Silk Garden

I fell in love with some Kureyon Silk Garden over the summer and made the argosy scarf from Knitty. I had enough left to do a hat and then adapted the hat pattern for a pair of mitts. I wore the whole ensemble last week over a plain black jumper and it felt completely over the top!! I did feel a bit like the yarn was screaming, "Look at me," which is far more disconcerting when it's on your body than when it's on the shelf.

Bunny Mitts

Hello all, I've been lurking for some time and finally got organized enough to get some pictures of my mitts. I'm on a bit of a fiber vacation (for, not from!!), and with cooler weather finally hitting, and no central heat, I'm finding fingerless mitts especially appealing. My favorite pair is made from handspun satin angora, although I do feel a bit like I have paws when I wear them. The pattern is Eric's Glovelets from the Green Mountain Spinnery book. It's a basic baby cable, although I adapted it for stockinette rather than garter stitch. I've uploaded some photos to the Flickr group, including a picture of the mitt with my bunnies.

Kyla Mittens

This is something I started this morning, after completing all my chores you understand......ahem.....

the design is absolutely gorgeous!
I adore the way the yarn I am using has made different coloured bobbles! I did have to cast on 65 sts, not 57 as the pattern says, which gave me 10 bobbles and 45sts. I increased 11 sts after the bobble row which left me with 56 sts ready for the rib. I will keep you posted of my progress but I am loving them right now.

I had to knit something soft and dainty in between knitting Barry's luxury string, I mean, peace fleece cobblestone's a bit rough on the fingers but it is growing fast and looks rustic and snuggly! Monika has some lovely patterns over on her blog...I might just have to make the socks on there next! Thank you for this stunning pattern Monika!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Finished Rose's Wrist Warmers

I know I just posted a few days ago, but I thought I'd report back that my Rose's Wrist Warmers (pdf) are done. You can read the details and all my many modifications at my blog.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Turquoise Fetching

Hi folks -- here's a pair of Fetching. These are intended for a dear friend who lives just about as far away as possible. Though it is quite hot in her part of the world, I think these will be absolutely perfect for keeping her hands warm as she zips around town on her motorbike. I hope to have a pair of Dashing to share later on this week. More here!

Have you guys seen these beauties??

Hi fellow fingerless glove lovers!

Have you guys seen these adorable mitts??

Monika from Smoking Hot Needles designed them and was kind enough to share!

I just think they are so cute and I figured everyone here would too! :)

Monika has a pdf file but I didn't want to link it, I figured she's nice enough to share, she should get the blog traffic!

So head over there and get your copy and say HI! to Monika!

Dragon Scale Mitts!

These are some gloves I made for my sister that she wanted. They are the Dragon Scale Mitts and I've had them done for a while and forgot to post them!

I had to modify the pattern though. I used Debbie Bliss Rialto, which is a worsted superwash wool, the nicest superwash I've ever touched. But as the pattern was written the gloves would have been way too large for her. Since her hands are the same size as mine (tiny!) I used my hands to downsize. I took out a whole pattern repeat (15 sts) and just followed the pattern as written otherwise. I really loved knitting these, they are super quick. I also love that the pattern stitch makes the cast on and off edges curve slightly.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I'm Andey and I just finished my first pair of mitts today- the Victoriana Gloves by Hattie, in Knitpicks Palette Clematis Heather. They were supposed to be for me, but my nine year old stole them. (But as quick and easy as they were I can whip myself up a pair in another day or two. Cast on this morning and took the picture this evening.)


I have finished my first pair of Knucks. For myself ! I used Rowan Felted Tweed yarn in color Ginger (more like a pumpkin pie color) and size US 4 needles. I loved the top-down construction of the pattern-- it's different, clever and works out well. I do like the Cast-On edges of the fingers better than the various BO edges I have been trying with bottom-up fingerless glove patterns -- the CO edges aren't rolling and they look neat and tidy. As you can see in the photo I tried the 'textured cuff' specified as an option in the Knucks pattern. I love how the cuff looks but it isn't as functional as a ribbed cuff. The textured stitch pattern has less stretch than even stockinette thus the gloves are more difficult to put on and take off. Next time I plan to stick with a ribbed cuff.
If you haven't tried the Knucks pattern yet (a free on-line pattern from Knitty) you should ! The fingers are each knit separately so the fiddly part gets done first. And then the fingers are 'joined' in a 'joining round'. I think this joining was simpler than the traditional pattern's 'pick up and knit' technique for each finger.
This was the first time I used the Rowan Felted Tweed yarn. I really like it. I want a matching hat and scarf out of this yarn ! And I'm tempted to order some in every color. It's a two-ply so it is sturdy but it does seem 'felted' together. It has a deceptive rustic tweedy look but it's soft and doesn't have splitting problems. I see a non-itchy hat out of this yarn in my future.

Hot Pink Endpapers

I'm done with the third pair of Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts and wanted to show them off. I'm giving you the in-process-shot of only one of the mittens, since it's so hard to find a willing model in my house to try those on (all boys) and I can't push the button while wearing them. Anyway, they are done and here they are. Enjoy and you might want to have the shades handy. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Child's Fingerless Mitts

I made these for my youngest sister, she's 8 years old. The pattern is my own, I just figured out my gauge, measured her arm, and went right along! I loved the rib pattern because it causes the gloves to fit snugly, and yet have some give. I used Yarn Bee super soft yarn, sport weight. (I don't remember the exact color name..sorry!) and a size 4 circular needle. I made a gusset for the thumb, just as you would with mittens or gloves. Mallory wanted these to look like old fashioned style mitts, hence the above-the-elbow pattern :) I talk more about these here at my blog.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

So is it just me or are your hands cold too?

So this morning I got up way early to write a paper for my program... And by the time my husband got up and gave me a kiss good morning-my hands were popsicles! I have knit 4 pairs of fingerless and none for myself, I do keep stealling Grandma Feliz voodoo's but to be fair I have reknit the thumb because of that for her they will fit better now. I am set to cast now for my last girlfriends fetching but I am thinking I need to be selfish and make mine first...

Intro + 1 mitt

I had just cast on Rose's Wrist Warmers (pdf), and the next day I serendipitously come to this KAL through a link I got through some other link. I've really enjoyed seeing all the fingerless mitts you've been working on.

Today I cast off one of my wrist warmers and am really pleased. There's some more information on my blog, Vegan Purls, as well as some musing on how Doctor Who has haunted my whole life without me even trying. Haha.

I'm knitting these with GGH Tara, an amazing new worsted weight yarn that is 72% cotton, 28% nylon so it has elasticity.

A few more FO's

I just finished a pair of Fetching fingerless mitts, which is a pattern I've wanted to try since it came out, so thanks to the KAL for giving me the impetus! (Also my preteen daughter, who saw the printed out pattern lying around, and hinted broadly and repeatedly that she would LOVE a pair of fingerless gloves with CABLES!)
Here they are:

These were made in RYC Soft Lux (shiny yet soft!). I modified the pattern somewhat, primarily the bind-off and also narrowing the ribs to K3P1 (see my blog for a little more detail/more photos; scroll down to the end of my longish post if you follow the link).

Also, I've knit a pair of modified Mini-Mitts from my own pattern, for my husband to play guitar in when it's cold. This Baby Cashmere (alpaca/merino/cashmere) is so incredibly lightweight yet warm! I made them shorter, top and bottom, at his request, I guess for those guitar chops.

I think I have to make a few more of these mitts for Christmas presents; just the thing for computer users in cold rooms. But next on my list is the Endpaper Mitts; also something I've wanted to do for a year or more, but now I have the yarn that's making me excited to try an idea out!



Hi y'all! I just learned about your KAL from Catherine and joined (Thaks, Cath - home you're having fun in Rio!). I'm out of town right now and my photos are on my home computer, but I'm currently working on a pair of Endpaper Mitts. The first is completely knit, I worked up about half of the thumb section yesterday while flying, hope to finish before I get home Sunday. If you're really interested, you can see the first mitt here. Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Braided Gauntlets

I have finished my first pair of mitts, "Symmetrical Braided Guantlets", a free pattern on-line. I used Patons SWS-soy wool stripes, and reversed the cable for the left and right mitts. I had planned these as a co-worker's stocking gift, but may have to keep them for myself, and make another pair.

First Mitts

Fingerless Mitts - my first attempt at making mitts of any sort. Let's call them "practice" mitts.

Pattern: Maine Morning Mitts - free pattern at this site

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden

size 7 needles

By Linda/Tezsocks

For Keri

Hope it is a good one.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Modified Mini Mitts

These are my version of the mini mitts from a previous post. I had to modify a little bit so that the yarn worked and the hand size worked, but my boyfriend loves it! Now to finish the second one.

They Are Now a Pair

I finally finished the Ariel Fingerless Mitts. They have been sitting here for a week, just needing the ends woven in. They are officially finished now. Hmmmm, which ones to knit next......

Dragonscale Mitts

Pattern: Dragon Scale Mitts
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca - Sport Weight
Needles: US 3 DPNs
Duration: 4 days

Super fun to knit and super quick! If you're thinking of making these on DPNs I recommend dividing the stitches as such: 15/15/18. This will help maintain the pattern and avoid slipping stitches needle-to-needle when doing the k2tog or ssk.

**gratuitous gold clog shot**

Hmmm... what to make next? :-)


Generic Fingerless Gloves

I've completed three pairs ( although I only photographed one ) of what I call generic fingerless gloves. I used the glove pattern from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns , specifically the pattern for 7.5 inch hand circumference and gauge of 5 sts/inch -- and of course just bound off each finger early. I used US 4 needles and the yarn was the wonderfully soft Kraemer Vintage 2006 Special Edition DK North American Alpaca that I stumbled across at my LYS.
The bound off fingers look a bit wonky in the photo but when worn look just fine . Maybe I should block them. Is anyone else blocking their fingerless gloves?
The three pairs will be gifted to my daughter's three cross country coaches. The cross country season is winding down and I think all three deserve coaches gifts. Where we live some meets can be quite chilly and hands get cold - however on meet day these coaches do lots of tasks that involve fine finger dexterity. I'm hoping these gifts will be appreciated.
Hi there! I have been loving everyone's fingerless mitts since Keri started the KAL here. Since I got back into knitting mode (I always seem to lose interest in the summer), I decided it was time to knit a pair of Fetching wristwarmers for myself. I used Reynolds Odyssey, a little more than one ball.


After finishing those, I made a wee pair for my 2.5 year old daughter, AJ. She loves them!

Wee Fetching

There are a few more details on my blog, and on each project's Ravelry page: mine, and AJ's.

Happy mitt knitting!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

1/2 finger Short Dashing for my computer geek husband.

My husband is used to my seamstress prowess and ordered up a pair of Dashing like he would order up any garment from me... with changes. :) I am a new knitter and not quite secure in my ablities. But I came through with a close to perfect set of 1/2 finger, shorter than normal, Dashing. One seems to be a little longer before the first cable than the other but it will always be worn under a hoodie so he will never notice.

Second Endpapers done

I almost forgot to post them on this blog. Here are the second pair of Endpaper Mitts that I finished a couple of days ago. This is a shot of them on my homemade Mitten blockers. Pretty cool, huh? Today they are already in the envelope together with some other goodies, waiting for the post office to open tomorrow morning, so they make their way to their new home in Canada. You just gotta love knitting friends.
The third pair (hot pink and black) is already on the new Harmony needles, and it's a dream to knit with them. Just make sure when you do stranding, to always remember which one is your primary yarn. :( I had to rip out a couple of rows this morning, because I mixed it up and the difference was so drastic, I couldn't live with it.
It takes a lot of energy to write in english. Knitting doesen't take that much energy so here I am again. Some new fingerless from me:Rowan 4 ply and Puddel from Drops, soft and warm.Beaded alpaca in autum colours.And a couple of crocheted warmers.
The weather is rather good today but when bicycling to work I need real mittens. I prefer to wear fingerless ones indoors and i'ts better without thumbs when you use them like that.

Friday, October 19, 2007

oakland morning mitts

ah, i really loved making these! not sure why they were so satisfying, except that as clara parkes says in her pattern, the pattern is very well designed for the yarn. i used 1 skein of noro kureyon in colorway 163 on size 7 needles, just as the pattern specifies.

That Friday Feeling

Hello All,

Nice to finish the week off with getting another project done. These were for my daughter - funky fur trim, - although the "critic" believes it would look better without the trim at the top. A very fast and easy basic design when time is of the essence!
Happy Weekend to All.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hello all! Here's my 2nd pair of fingerless mitts:
These are the Dashing Mitts that I knitted for my hubby, who's holding hands with my daughter, who's wearing her Endpaper Fingerless Mitts. If you'd like to see more pictures or get more info, you can find it here. Thanks! Tiennie

FO: mitts from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Hi folks! This is my first KAL - very exciting. After months of lurking in the land of online knitting, I'm jumping in. I even started a blog of my own this week. Here are a few shots of my new fingerless mitts. It was colder inside my office today than it was outside -- mitts save the day!

Details: pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (women's version)
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in Navy Nite (yes, spelled THAT way)
Needles: size 6 DPNS -- pattern says you need circulars in order to work the thumb section back and forth, but it was totally doable on DPNs -- only slightly awkward.