Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi there! I have been loving everyone's fingerless mitts since Keri started the KAL here. Since I got back into knitting mode (I always seem to lose interest in the summer), I decided it was time to knit a pair of Fetching wristwarmers for myself. I used Reynolds Odyssey, a little more than one ball.


After finishing those, I made a wee pair for my 2.5 year old daughter, AJ. She loves them!

Wee Fetching

There are a few more details on my blog, and on each project's Ravelry page: mine, and AJ's.

Happy mitt knitting!


Jenny M said...

I absolutely love the colors of your Fetching! I am thinking of making myself a pair (unless I do Dashing for myself),and I'm vacillating between light greens and light blues!

keri said...

Such a gorgeous color you used!

Beth said...

You already know how I love those mitts! AJ's are just too, too cute.