Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi! and New Poll - Swap?

Hi All -

This is Keri your friendly neighborhood knitalong hostess and I wanted to take a moment and say HI! to all our new members! I am just amazed at the fun and creativity this group has and all the gorgeous mitts you are churning out! I am so inspired - my todo list has grown a mile long! Everytime I see a new FO I say "oooh! I need to make that too!"

Anyhow - I've had some people approach me off list and let me know that they are having so much fun here that they would love to have a fingerless mitt swap. The idea of the swap is that you would be paired up with a partner and make a set of mitts for them and they would make a set of mitts for you and you would send them off by the end of November in a package with other fun fall-themed goodies and treats.

Right now I'm just gauging interest so I set up a cool new google poll in the sidebar under the welcome message. Please take a second and click yes, no or maybe to let me know what you think and if you would be interested. If there is enough interest I will coordinate it from my end and ask people who were interested to contact me to sign-up.

Now I want to be clear that you are in NO WAY obligated to join the swap just because you are a member of the knitalong. This would be a completely optional thing and it is totally up to you!

Happy Voting!