Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pair number 2

My friend is going to Chicago this month so her christmas present was knit next, so she could take them with.

These are Fetching knit with Patons Classic Wool Merino in Navy. They took me about a week, because my knitting time is sucked up with work and school. I did a plain bind off.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Knuck and A Half

Started just yesterday morning on the way to work, these Knucks for my mother-in-law are almost complete! I'm using Rowan Felted Tweed (so lovely...) and chose the textured cuff instead of the ribbing mostly because I didn't feel like getting up to retrieve a smaller set of needles. :)

This is my fourth time making these fingerless gloves and I absolutely love them. And -- how weird is this? -- I found out yesterday via Ravelry that I went to high school with one of the gals modeling the gloves on Knitty (she's wearing the Knuck that says "cold"). What a small world.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pulsvärmare - a swedish version of fingerless mitts

One more knitoholic here!
For me fingerless mitts are a way to get to play with yarns. Since I don´t like scarfs and therefor I didn´t have a reason for buying all those incredible yarns that looks like something from outer space. But with fingerless mitts my life finally got a reason! (ok not really true but...) And my yarn stash got bigger...
Most of the items I knit are after my own patterns. I like to have the full controll that making your own gives you. So I haven´t got any links with patterns to give you all that read this this time. All the ones below are mostly made of superwash, with other yarns and pearls as decoration.

Mittenettes done

I was eager to have them cause the weather is starting to get cold here. So I finnished them last night and I'm already wearing them today <3
I've made a little change to the pattern and made a 2x2 ribbing.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Introducing Myself to KAL


I'm Carolyn - new to the KAL. I'm excited to be part of the group - love fingerless mitts. Unfortunately, will not be able to begin any project until the weekend (daughter's school curriculum night tomorrow). I am a single Mum so not a lot of time to spare but will have/make/borrow/steal time to "knit up a storm" for these.

More updates later.

My first pair of gloves this year:)

My first pair of simple fingerless gloves for this year:)
Made from hand spun I won . Simple basic pattern on 4 needles. Made a hat to go with them, more pics on my blog
We need them it is freezing here in England today and we had frost this morning. The wind coming from the sea is arctic and my poor rhematic joints feel the cold something chronic:)
Going to give Fetching a go this week I think or should I try Mrs Beetons??

Off To A Slow Start

Hi everyone! I am a little slow out of the starting gate for my fingerless mitt plans. I have yarn and patterns for at least 2 pair of fetchings and quite a few other ideas. I am getting started today on my first pair so pictures should be in a day or so. I love all the mitts that have been posted so far! You guys are inspiring! Will have pics to share soon! Promise!

The new mittknitter ^^

I've joined 2 days ago and started my mittens using the Irish Hiking Wristwarmers pattern.
Have a nice week! <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Proof of membership

Just to let you know that I AM actually knitting a pair of mittens for this KAL I can show you a picture of my progress for now. They are my take along project for the dentist office and the wait in the car and so on, but I'm sure they'll get done before it gets really cold enough to wear them here.

My version of the Endpaper Mitts so far. Well, actually I'm a little further, I'm starting the thumb increase, but you get the picture. And that's not a smudge in the yarn, it's the left over sockyarn from my cotton summer ankle socks, which does have parts of light grey and light blue in it.

Rock Opera Gloves

Hi, Here are my Rock Opera Gloves designed by Shobhana at My Life inS titches. I made these using Lorna's Laces Shephard Sport in the colurway Periwinkle. They are for my sister's Christmas. This yarn is really lovely to knit with, very smoth and soft. I've used it a few times and always want to cast on some more right away!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My first of the season- Voodoo

I really took to knitting this year, and thought I had to give everyone something handmade this year. So my christmas list includes at least 5 pairs of fingerless gloves, starting with my Grand-mother-in-law. Avo Feliz, has arthritis and is always knitting or crocheting for others- so who else deserves something nice. Her "Voodoos" are made in acrylic so she can wash them.

Free Fingerless Mitts Pattern!

Here's a fingerless mitt I designed in fingering weight yarn.

I designed it for a piano teacher whose hands need the extra warmth, so these are very light, soft and accommodating -- great for indoor use.
If you like these, details and the free pattern are at my blog, here:

friends' folly fingerless mitts

(friends' folly is the name of the yarn!)

These were another quickie project. I do like the fingerless mitts with thumbs, but I want a pair for typing at work, and I find the thumbs bother my tendonitis... more details, pictures, and the pattern over on my blog.


Started a Second Pair

Hot off the needles is the first of the second pair of fingerless mitts. These are knit in Wollmeise sock yarn, in the Spice Market colorway. I had plenty left over from a pair of socks, anyway I hope I have plenty left over. The design is my own, knit on size 1 dpns, 64 stitches.


This is the yarn and pattern I plan to use for my fall fingerless mitts. These will actually be for my middle son, who loves all things military. When he saw this yarn he practically begged me to make him something from it. (I think it's because of the color) Last year I made myself a pair of Fetching gloves and he thought those were cool (altho too girly) so I thought I'd make him his own pair of fingerless gloves. I'm using the Voodoo pattern from Knitty as it's very simple - I don't think he'd want cables or anything. The yarn is Lane Borgosesia merino wool. Hoping to get started this week!

So I lied. They're actually Dashing. Oops. I love them nonetheless. Somethemore.

Has anyone else seriously struggled with taking photos of both your hands at once? I've got to find that tripod.

Pattern: Dashing
Yarn: See Jayne Knit - Brandy in the Garden - 100% wool - 100 g/200yds
Needles: US6

There's a little yarn left over so I'm going to make a little Dashing cuff bracelet. Yarn this nice shouldn't languish in my scraps bag.

I do believe Fetching is up next. For real this time. :-)

Chipman's Check Wristers

I joined this KAL last week and dropped all my other knitting to start a pair of fingerless mitts for my husband., Dave. Chipman's Check Wristers are from the book Favorite Mittens by Robin Hansen.

Knit with Peruvian Highland Wool - 2 mittens together on 2 circular 3.25mm needles (2.5mm for the ribbing) . For several more pictures and all the details - check this blog post.

Mrs Beeton's

New member, hello everyone! Here are a set of Mrs Beetons that I started very late Saturday night and finished on Sunday afternoon. I used Jaeger extra fine merino dk with a mohair & metallic thread yarn I found in a charity shop and have had stashed for a while. I dont know what make it is. I didnt use beads but the metallic thread makes the fabric glint, the overall effect against the dark grey merino reminds me of quartz. I still used a long tail cast on, but I also did the first row on both layers double stranded, using the tail end as well as the working yarn. The only other change I made to the pattern was to bind off using both yarns, which was just sloppy pattern reading on my part, but I'm happy with the result.

These were so quick to do. The cast on and first row was annoying on my addis, but after that I zoomed through. I'll be making more for Christmas presents, theyre warm, dont use much yarn, quick to make, and very pretty.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fetching MItts

My Fetching Mitts finished - really please with the results. I love this pattern and might make a few pair of these for friends for Christmas.

Now which pair shall I make for myself next ....

I completed Fetching! :) They look different, but are actually the same length/size (the photo angle and curling of the glove edges makes them look different). If I make them again (probably when) I will really make an effort to find or order the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran... It is not as fuzzy as this yarn, and gives better definition to the cables. It's a fun, quick, project, and I enjoyed making them a lot. Now I want to make the companion pattern by the same author - "Dashing" - for my husband! :)


Hi Everybody!

I guess I'm getting a slower start than most of you guys... but I am so glad I joined this knit-along! I need to finish at least 1 pair of fingerless mittens for christmas, but I'll probably end up knitting even more of them! I'm starting in on midterms here, so wish me luck in actually having time to knit!! :o)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chocqua Fingerless Gloves

Zitron Lifestyle Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are that project I do when I need to recharge the ol' knitting batteries, glad there is now this blog to see so many great patterns!

The Specs:
Pattern: Knitting at Knoon Fingerless Gloves
Yarn: Zitron Lifestyle, color 1861 (MC) and Rowan 4 ply soft, color 389 (CC), 1 skein MC
Needles: Size 2 dpns
Mods: Because the pattern is written for a worsted weight yarn, I cast on 48sts rather than 36

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hi all - Fetching on the needles!

Hi everyone - I've finally cast on my Fetching fingerless mitts. I'm knitting them in a mid Grey Aran yarn, and hope to have them finished this weekend.

I'm loving seeing everyone's mitts - so inspiring. I've got a list of patterns I want to knit now!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Just Joined

I just joined this group. I am so happy to be here, as I am sure I will be knitting many fingerless mitts for the kids this year and for DD1's friends for Christmas presents. I started this pair yesterday and after several trips to the frog pond came up with this. I am going to write out the pattern as I knit the second one since I am happy with it now. I think they fit the eldest very nicely. I am knitting them in Louet Gems Sport wt in the Sage color.

Love Fingerless Mitts...

Hi, I just joined this Kal thanks to Angelika . I love making Fingerless gloves. I knit for a wool store and an Alpaca Farm, so I'm kept really busy. The hardest thing to do is find time to knit stuff for myself. All these mitts are knit with alpaca or alpaca/silk blend.
This pattern is Fetching on a DK yarn and a thumb gusset. I just finished this pair and am working on writing out the pattern.

This pair is Nicholas' Fingerless gloves from Interweave Knits (free pattern). Modified into mitts and a stockinette palm.

And these two are Fetching as is.

Hi Everyone!

I just joined the group this week. What a lot of beautiful mitts have been posted already! I am currently working on Fetching, myself.

I just wanted to add another link to a free pattern: Hooray for Me Gloves by Marnie MacLean. I made two pairs of them a while back, for the Warm Hands KAL in late 2005. She has a blog and a number of patterns available for knitters and crocheters, too. Click on her name above for her pattern list and photos.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two for the road

The Breakfast at the Cafe Du Monde by Jennifer Lindsay for Hand Jive...knit from Hand Jive's Nature's Palette medium and dark indigo. I'm not doing the ribbon thing...I'm not that sweet!

These are Anne Hanson's Orchid Mitts. I changed the position of lace, fooled around with the weight of my yarn and crocheted on some beads top and botton. The main yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Foo Foo medium weight sock, and the trim is Rowan 4 Ply Soft #386. It's name is sewer or sludge, one of the seriously creepy names that the Rowen yarn namer is prone to on bad days....

Top detail

Bottom detail

I'm planning on three more pairs for the rest of my holiday gifts...but since I do work at my LYS a couple of days a week....the projects on needles is overwhelming me right now...


Piratical fingerless mitts

I have been so remiss about keeping up on this KAL blog, but now you're all on bloglines so I'll notice it. I finally got around to making a pair of fingerless mitts...finished in time for yesterday, international talk like a pirate day.

pirates 001
ds on his way to school!

pirates 002
fuzzy pic, don't make it bigger!

A basic mitten pattern with duplicate stitched skull. More details over on my blog

One Skein Mitts

I just recently joined this KAL and have a pair of mitts to share. I made these for a friend who just recently lost her father to cancer. I figured if I can't hold her hand literally, I'll have to do so figuratively with some warm mitts.

I used less than one skein of Cascade 220 Heathers, and the pattern is called Unisex Gloves from One Skein by Leigh Radford. I made them tipless to be sure that they would fit her. I know they are not exactly fingerless, but I thought y'all would throw me a bone!

Up next, a pair of Dashings for a friend with really cold hands, and then maybe I get a pair of mitts for myself!

I blog over at Crossroad Knits, by the way.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

handspun mitts

Hi all! I've been meaning to introduce myself and share a finished pair of fingerless mitts, but haven't had a chance until now. I'm Rachel, and I blog over here. I'm a knitter and a spinner, so when Keri announced this knitalong, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use up some of my handspun for something useful. Besides, the weather in my part of the world is already quite chilly, so these mitts have come in handy. Actually, I'm wearing them as I type this post! :)

Pattern: My own
Yarn: my handspun Shetland wool, roving dyed by Amy of Spunky Eclectic
Needles: 4.5mm Addi circulars
I made up the pattern as I went along, simply by multiplying my hand measurement by my gauge. I tried the mitts on as I knit, to determine where to start my gusset increases and where to cast off. I just used a simple 2x2 ribbing on the edges. The mitts aren't spectacular, but they are functional, albeit a bit on the bulky side. At some point, I'd love to knit a pair of Endpaper mitts.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else knits!

Fetching begun

So glad to join everyone!

The weather here has turned cool and these mitts are just what I need to avoid turning on the heater at home!

Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: See Jayne Knit - Brandy in the Garden - 100% wool - 100 g/200yds
Needles: US6

After knitting Ester I grew accustomed to cableless cables and think I have to revert for these. 4 st is just too much for me to carry without cable needles. :-)

Really enjoying knitting with this yarn. Jeez-o-pete it's soft!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finger less for Princess

So I started a pair of fingerless for a little princess in my family. She is four. I casted on 3x12 stitches, it seemed so tiny and sweet. When I was finished it fitted me perfectly. Luckily I have several days before I have to send it and I still have the time to make one more. This was by the way my first real attempt at making cables. I thought I`d start simple and tried to vary the lenght between the crossing parts to make it interesting. I also offset the cable from the center. Simple yet effective. The new princess mitt got beads, `cause every little girl needs a little bling, and there is a fingerhole, my just didn`t have a thumb.
Both are made from Garnstudios Mirasol alpakka and for added warmth, a part of the price of the yarn goes to a school in Peru.

Warming up

Sweden calling!
New here, I love knitting fingerless mittens and really appreciate being a member here.

My plan this fall is:
· Trying to crochet a couple or two
· Cabled in alpaca
· Beaded ones in autum colours grey, brown, wine-red

Here are some pictures of my fungerless mittens. The Blue/green one is knited i sockyarn, Fabel from Garnstudio.
My favourite fingerless mittens doesn't even have thumbs and I really like beaded ones, they ar a bit like jewlery.
At Garnstudio there are some patterns, I think this is a nice one maybe I'll knit it.
My real name is Kristina and my alias is Queen Mudd and mudd is swedish for fingerless mitten och wrist warmer. My blog is in swedish but has a lot of pictures and I have a Flickr too were you can find my knitted objects.

Pattern Ideas?

Hello everyone, this is my first post to this KAL. I'm working a pair of fingerless mitts which I'll post about in another post but I'm starting to plan my second pair. So... I thought I would ask:
What's everyone's favorite pattern for fingerless mitts using fingering weight (i.e. sock yarn) yarn? There is so much beautiful hand-dyed or handpainted sock yarn out there that fingerless mitts seem like the perfect project (besides socks) to showcase some of it.
Sally Melville's Purl book has a pattern called Elegant Gauntlets that are totally fingerless and call for Koigu KPPPM sock yarn. I made a shortened pair of those in black for my daughter to pull on when dressing for cold cross-country meets. It was a good, generic pattern.
Anyone else know of some fingering weight patterns? Please comment !

Weekend Fetching

Ah, it is so nice to have a project that I can start on Friday and finish on Sunday. Introducing my first Fetching!

Some specs:
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (made it with only one ball--yay!)
Will be for my Mother-in-law around holidaytime.
Forgot to reverse the cables on the second mitt...ah well. I guess they'll be interchangeable this way.

Pink mitts for dull autum weather

I've finished my pink mitts this weekend (not the only FO actually!). They are nice and warm and very, very light (only 28 grammes including beads!)

I started out thinking that these were for giving away... but now I really don't know! They are almost too cool to give away... will have to battle a little with myself to decide.

More details (and the other FO) can be found on my blog.
Hope you had a productive weekend too.

Monday, September 17, 2007

In for the count...

Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

I have just finished two pair of Fetchings this month and have a good 3 plus some to make for co-workers. Motivation is always the key, especially when one has too many projects going at once.

Looking forward to see what everyone is knitting up and ready for the Fall weather!

Happy knitting!

The Start of Gift Set #1

I cast on the first of 2 gift sets of fingerless gloves. Same pattern that I posted before (Lace-Up Fingerless Gloves) from AlterKnits. These go by really quick so I hope to have a finished pair fairly quickly. This particular set gets a matching Irish Hiking Scarf with it that is about halfway done.

Hello! I am here!

While I have not picked a pattern yet, nor even wound the yarn I have not chosen, ( ha) I am enjoying the progress everyone else is making! I am a newbie on posting with photos, so I am learning alot as I go. Hopefully, now that I am back from Boston and after feeling the little chill in the air while I was there, I will begin soon.
Still warm (hot) in Texas.

My fingerless plans!

I was excited about this knit along because I've already got so many pairs planned. I have quite a few for myself I keep putting off, as well as some for my MIL and sister. My sister wants these dragon scale mitts in a charcoal superwash wool, I'm searching for the right yarn. I have a pair of gloves to do for my MIL, well one is done and needs a mate. The pattern (Victoriana Gloves) is my own design. As well as some gloves for me. I'm currently knitting the Whitewater ones in green. I have to frog the top of the first one because I think it will look better(and not curl) in the same ribbing that's on the bottom. I'm also going to make a pair called June Bride from my Romantic Hand Knits book. Again, need to decide on yarn!