Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Intro and My Project So Far

Hello! My name is Alli and I live in Juneau, AK.
Fall is creeping up on me and it's time to make a new pair of (infinitely useful) fingerless mitts.

I have some stash yarn that I want to use for this project:

This is a handspun yarn that my Grandma got for me in Oregon. I think it would be perfect for this project because it is a nice go-with-everything gray and it is extremely soft.

My plan for a pattern is to do a really simple fingerless glove with a tight ribbed cuff and plain st st for the hand to show off the subtleties of the yarn.

There is just one problem: I have only 54 yards!
I am really worried that this won't be enough yarn. What do you think?


keri said...

The handspun is very pretty and will make great mitts!

I am kind of worried about you having enough, if you had atleast 80 yds I would say that would be barely enough but I'm not sure about 54...could you possibly use another color along with it and do contrasting cuffs and thumbs? Or heck, give it a try and see how it goes! =)

Hilary said...

Wow -- what gorgeous yarn. I'm not sure if 54 yds is enough...I know that the Knucks I made required 100, and I made them pretty small. However, that included separate half-fingers, which would take up more yarn than the "tube with thumb" styles. I like Keri's idea of doing contrasting cuffs in a different yarn. Maybe a darker grey or a deep purple?

Adrienne said...

Didn't you have some more in a different color? Or did I imagine that?