Monday, September 10, 2007

Orchid Mitts + Spinning for more mitts!

This past weekend I started my first pair of fingerless mittens - Orchid Mitts! There was some progress being made, I did do some initial swatching on 2.5mm and 3.0mm because I don't have 2.75's in my collection for magic loop. I was a little wishy-washy on which needle size to use because gauge-wise they were both pretty close on. But after I washed it and blocked it I decided to go with the 2.5's.

If you read my blog you know I had a bit of a fiber saga last week - I had some gorgeous fiber I'm spinning up to design a fingerless mitt pattern that my dogs ate. Well I'm happy to report all turned out well, I finished the first bobbin last night!


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Vanessa said...

I so love the yarn you are using for these fingerless gloves. Awesome! And BTW , for someone who wasn't so sure they could spin - um - yeah - I would say it looks as if you have been spinning forever!