Monday, September 17, 2007

My fingerless plans!

I was excited about this knit along because I've already got so many pairs planned. I have quite a few for myself I keep putting off, as well as some for my MIL and sister. My sister wants these dragon scale mitts in a charcoal superwash wool, I'm searching for the right yarn. I have a pair of gloves to do for my MIL, well one is done and needs a mate. The pattern (Victoriana Gloves) is my own design. As well as some gloves for me. I'm currently knitting the Whitewater ones in green. I have to frog the top of the first one because I think it will look better(and not curl) in the same ribbing that's on the bottom. I'm also going to make a pair called June Bride from my Romantic Hand Knits book. Again, need to decide on yarn!


Vanessa said...

Very pretty. It looks like there is silk in the yarn. What type of yarn is it????

Hattie said...

The green whitewater ones are 100% silk, the plum ones are alpaca!