Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mittenettes done

I was eager to have them cause the weather is starting to get cold here. So I finnished them last night and I'm already wearing them today <3
I've made a little change to the pattern and made a 2x2 ribbing.


knitbysue said...

They look great. What yarn and what size needles did you use?

picperfic said...

is it too late to join in?

Lillemor said...

Oh! I really like those!

Veronica said...

Thanks! :D
I've used a blend (20% wool 80% acrylic) with 4.5mm needles (a 6-7 from US I think).

Picperfic, you have to email Keri to join ^^ check the welcome message on the sidebar of this blog :)