Friday, September 14, 2007

New Girl On The Block

I was thrilled to find this KAL, `cause I love fingerless mitts and use them allmost year round.
I`ve been using lacy sock patterns for decor on my wristwarmers this summer and that worked well for 2,5 and 3mm needles, but I now see a whole new world unweil before me with cables and thicker yarns for more whintery creations... Harr harr.
I have mostly used alpakka yarns and baby style yarns untill now. I allmost cannot wait to come home from work and dive into my stash and try some of the patterns to the right.
The pics aren`t all that, but the left one is embossed leaves and the right one is a modified pattern from web;April/May(I think it was Blue Moon fibers?) I`ll find the link later.


Vanessa said...

The ones you have knitted are very pretty and the yarn is soft and airy. Cannot wait to see what you knit next!

keri said...

Very pretty, love the colors you chose!