Friday, September 14, 2007

Fetching bind-off??

so, i'm at the bind off stage of my first Fetching fingerless mitt, and i gather that many have not liked how the picot bind off works on these. does anyone here like the picot bind off in this pattern, and also, i wonder why the designer chose that bind off in the first place? if i understood the reasoning, it might help me decide.

anyone have experience with Fetching and got an opinion to share?


Vanessa said...

I have made one of the two mitts from fetching and do not like the picot bind off - I will undo it and do a knti 2 p2 bind off myself!
That is what is so cool about knitting you can do what you want with it. You are not stuck to the directions - that is just the designers way of doing it :)
Go for what you like
Cannot wait to see them

Linda said...

I have made the Fetching Mitts and used the picot bind off. It is pretty, but it tends to flare out and roll. Maybe you could switch to smaller needles for the bind off and they wouldn't flare out as much.

knitbysue said...

I, too, made the Fetching gloves and had read on other blogs that people didn't care for the BO. So I bound off normally. However, I had added some rounds after the thumb and now the thumb is approximately in the middle of the glove. So with a BO that looks like the CO I always have to stop and figure out which end to put my hand into. A unique looking BO would have avoided this problem. Maybe that was why the author chose a different BO in the first place.
Next time I plan on making the wrist portion a little longer.