Thursday, September 13, 2007

Second Mitt Syndrome??

I've heard of second sock syndrome and gosh I hope I don't fall prey to second mitt syndrome. I finished my first "Diamond Handwarmer" - not in the yarn as originally intended, but in this pretty grey alpaca (oh so soft) which made the pattern stand out better.

So, already, I'm "cheating" on my diamond mitts and eyeing other patterns and thinking about other yarns in my stash.

I'd better dash off now and cast on that second mitt before I fall prey to the syndrome.


keri said...

That is so pretty - and looks oh so cozy too! Great job!

Sissel said...

I suffer from that decease too. I`m trying to finish a pair of socks now, but my mind is on a pair of fingerless`that I`m going to make for a niese. Better hurry up then...