Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Warming up

Sweden calling!
New here, I love knitting fingerless mittens and really appreciate being a member here.

My plan this fall is:
· Trying to crochet a couple or two
· Cabled in alpaca
· Beaded ones in autum colours grey, brown, wine-red

Here are some pictures of my fungerless mittens. The Blue/green one is knited i sockyarn, Fabel from Garnstudio.
My favourite fingerless mittens doesn't even have thumbs and I really like beaded ones, they ar a bit like jewlery.
At Garnstudio there are some patterns, I think this is a nice one maybe I'll knit it.
My real name is Kristina and my alias is Queen Mudd and mudd is swedish for fingerless mitten och wrist warmer. My blog is in swedish but has a lot of pictures and I have a Flickr too were you can find my knitted objects.


Rachel said...

Kristina--those bottoms two sets (without fingers) are beautiful! Do you have pattern names/sites for the beaded ones and the multicolored ones? I'd love more information on them!

Queen Mudd said...

Thanks, the multicolored ones are my own pattern, pattern available only in swedish. The beaded ones are from a japanese book called Beads knitting. I just love this book!
You can find it here:

Hattie said...

Ooooh how funny, those garnstudio ones are ones I've had printed for almost a year now. I even had yarn bought for them, but it was alpaca and I soon found I'm allergic. Since then I've yet to find a new yarn I like to make these in. I think I'd also add a thumb if I made them.

keri said...

The beaded ones are beautiful and so unique!

Bernadette said...

Hi, my name is Bernadette, and I would love to join the group! I have already knit two pairs of fingerless gloves, but I am planning to knit at least one or two more ("Fetching" from knitty.com is at the top of my list!)

My blog is here: http://hookedonknitting.blogspot.com/

I heard about your knit-along through tiennie knits: http://www.tiennieknits.typepad.com/

My email is HookedonKnitting(at)aol(dot)com.

Thanks so much! Thanks also for the list of great patterns!

knitnzu said...

ooooooh, so pretty!

Karen S said...

Those are some really beautiful mitts!!! I just adore those with beads!