Friday, October 26, 2007

Child's Fingerless Mitts

I made these for my youngest sister, she's 8 years old. The pattern is my own, I just figured out my gauge, measured her arm, and went right along! I loved the rib pattern because it causes the gloves to fit snugly, and yet have some give. I used Yarn Bee super soft yarn, sport weight. (I don't remember the exact color name..sorry!) and a size 4 circular needle. I made a gusset for the thumb, just as you would with mittens or gloves. Mallory wanted these to look like old fashioned style mitts, hence the above-the-elbow pattern :) I talk more about these here at my blog.


Liana W.W. said...

Those are so great! And I love your blog!

carolynhannah said...

Ooo, these are lovely - fun, funky, and as Tyra Banks would say "Fierce" - my daughter would love these - the colour and style are fabulous.

keri said...

What a great idea - I love that these are so long and cozy!