Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have finished my first pair of Knucks. For myself ! I used Rowan Felted Tweed yarn in color Ginger (more like a pumpkin pie color) and size US 4 needles. I loved the top-down construction of the pattern-- it's different, clever and works out well. I do like the Cast-On edges of the fingers better than the various BO edges I have been trying with bottom-up fingerless glove patterns -- the CO edges aren't rolling and they look neat and tidy. As you can see in the photo I tried the 'textured cuff' specified as an option in the Knucks pattern. I love how the cuff looks but it isn't as functional as a ribbed cuff. The textured stitch pattern has less stretch than even stockinette thus the gloves are more difficult to put on and take off. Next time I plan to stick with a ribbed cuff.
If you haven't tried the Knucks pattern yet (a free on-line pattern from Knitty) you should ! The fingers are each knit separately so the fiddly part gets done first. And then the fingers are 'joined' in a 'joining round'. I think this joining was simpler than the traditional pattern's 'pick up and knit' technique for each finger.
This was the first time I used the Rowan Felted Tweed yarn. I really like it. I want a matching hat and scarf out of this yarn ! And I'm tempted to order some in every color. It's a two-ply so it is sturdy but it does seem 'felted' together. It has a deceptive rustic tweedy look but it's soft and doesn't have splitting problems. I see a non-itchy hat out of this yarn in my future.


Meg said...

That's a great color! I'm glad you commented on the construction of this pattern...I hadn't looked at it carefully before I will now!

keri said...

Ooh I love the tweed and the great color - perfect for fall!

Anonymous said...

I made a pair with a couple of mods that might help others:

1. my first set of finger toobs looked lie crap when I tried the author's method of knitting the cast-on tail into the first round--uneven, gappy, hideous. I switched to doing them in regular knit rounds, weaving in the tail at the end, and I got very neat, grippy little finger toobs that feel really gr8!

2. I used a ribbed cuff, but doubled the recommended length, then folded it inward for a double-thick, extra grippy cuff, securing it with yarn inside the glove--still not a grippy as a commercial-type glove with hidden elastic) but perfectly serviceable.