Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FO Endpapers

My Endpaper Mitts, designed by Eunny Jang, are finished. I had to find a willing model for them, since I can't wear them and push the button on the camera at the same time. I love the way they turned out and they had to be, of course, in my favorite color purple. They are really not that hard to knit up once you get your mind into the stranded work, so if you are still undecided, go for it.


knitbysue said...

They're beautiful. Good job getting that second one done. Yes, a glove KAL makes it hard to get photos - at least if you want to be a model and a photographer at the same time.
I just about have to tackle my 15 year old daughter to get her to model my FO's for me. Ah, the life of a teenager.

Kathleen said...

They look lovely, Angelika, and are inspiring me to cast mine on. First some birthday socks, though.