Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fingerless Pomatomus

These fingerless mitts were knit out of Araucania's Atacama on US 3's. I used 4 repeats (48 stitches) of the Pomatomus pattern from Knitty.com for the mitts. After two repeats I started the thumb gusset and switched to the 'foot' chart. The palm was knit in 1x1 rib. Knit stitches were twisted.

For the gusset, each row was increased by one or two stitches. (Usually 2) until I had 19 stitches. I knit the gusset stitches until I had finished one pattern repeat, then placed them on a strand of yarn. I joined in the round and knit one more repeat, then casted off. The thumb (not seen here- yet!) was knit with 22 stitches. These are supposed to be a holiday gift for a family member- but I want to give them to her now! It's o.k. to do that, right? :)


BalletMommy said...

I'd like to link the photo of your Pomotomos fingerless mitts on the Lime and Violet Chum....OK? (I'm one of the staff writers...)

Debra said...

That's fine. I've finished them-- perhaps you want a photo of both together?