Thursday, October 25, 2007

A few more FO's

I just finished a pair of Fetching fingerless mitts, which is a pattern I've wanted to try since it came out, so thanks to the KAL for giving me the impetus! (Also my preteen daughter, who saw the printed out pattern lying around, and hinted broadly and repeatedly that she would LOVE a pair of fingerless gloves with CABLES!)
Here they are:

These were made in RYC Soft Lux (shiny yet soft!). I modified the pattern somewhat, primarily the bind-off and also narrowing the ribs to K3P1 (see my blog for a little more detail/more photos; scroll down to the end of my longish post if you follow the link).

Also, I've knit a pair of modified Mini-Mitts from my own pattern, for my husband to play guitar in when it's cold. This Baby Cashmere (alpaca/merino/cashmere) is so incredibly lightweight yet warm! I made them shorter, top and bottom, at his request, I guess for those guitar chops.

I think I have to make a few more of these mitts for Christmas presents; just the thing for computer users in cold rooms. But next on my list is the Endpaper Mitts; also something I've wanted to do for a year or more, but now I have the yarn that's making me excited to try an idea out!