Sunday, October 28, 2007

Have you guys seen these beauties??

Hi fellow fingerless glove lovers!

Have you guys seen these adorable mitts??

Monika from Smoking Hot Needles designed them and was kind enough to share!

I just think they are so cute and I figured everyone here would too! :)

Monika has a pdf file but I didn't want to link it, I figured she's nice enough to share, she should get the blog traffic!

So head over there and get your copy and say HI! to Monika!


knitbysue said...

Those are cute. The cuff is very unique and I love the bobbley cuff edge (is bobbley a word?). It is nice to see another pattern make use of a beautiful sock yarn. There is so much wonderful sock yarn out there.
Thanks for the heads up on the pattern.

katie said...

Thanks for sharing those. They are definitely going on my list!

keri said...

What a great pattern - thanks for sharing Debi! And thanks to Monika for the great pattern!