Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am posting for the first time now that I finally have time to start my first fingerless mitts. I'm excited to be here and to give mitts a try. Looking at all the finished mitts that have been posted has been so inspiring.

I have one skein of Koigu that I'd love to make Knucks from. Any thoughts on whether this will be enough yarn or not? Thanks.

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Hilary said...

Hi! I'm sure one skein of Koigu would be enough for Knucks...they only take about 100 yards for the women's size. However, Koigu is a smaller gauge yarn than what is called for in the pattern, so it might take a little more than that and you may need to rework the pattern a little bit. I think you'll be ok though. I'd love to see them in Koigu!