Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's Your Favorite BO?

Hello folks, I thought I would ask this group what they are finding works best for binding off fingerless mitts and fingerless gloves - (at least for the patterns that are knit from the wrist- up)? Do you follow the pattern you are using at the time? Do you have another BO that you prefer? I would be interested in hearing what people use for their BO....
I have been making fingerless gloves (well, tipless gloves) and I 'm finding I like a BO in purl better than the regular knit BO. I think it looks better and it doesn't have a tendency to roll. I have also tried the Elizabeth Zimmerman Sewn BO because I read in her Opinionated Knitter book that it is suppose to roll less than a regular BO. I still like the Purl BO -- I find it easier than the EZ Sewn BO.
I made Fetching last year (before this KAL) and thought the Picot BO flared out too much so I redid the BO in the pattern (K4P1) but I'm finding that particular BO is rolling which I don't really like either ... Has anyone found a different BO for Fetching that they ended up really being satisfied with?
If you have an opinion on this subject please comment.... Thanks,


Hattie said...

I like to bind off in purl sometimes. I usually do actually. Unless it looks funny like in ribbing. Then I bind of in pattern. But I also think it looks better, newater.

Hattie said...


AuntieAnn said...

I made the first pattern in the sidebar (the one in German and English) and bound off in pattern (2x2 rib). I guess with 2x2 ribbing you don't get rolling. I tried EZ's sewn bind-off but didn't like the look that I was getting, so I re-did it this way. Just cast on a second pair for DD, to keep her from borrowing mine.

Jenny M said...

To be honest, I don't know the name of the bind off that I prefer to use. It's a loose bind off that a friend taught me last winter after my first pair of fingerless mitts started cutting off circulation to my thumb :-)

I knit two together through the back of the loop, then I transfer the loop back onto the my left needle. Then I knit two together through the back loop, etc. etc. etc. until I'm done. I like the look. I've tried a few other loose bind offs since then, but I just like how this bind off looks, so I've stopped bothering with others.

I'm about to start Knitty's Dashing, but I haven't even looked to see what bind off they use. I'll probably use the bind off that they use because I like the clean look on the end of the mitts.