Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Improvised Fingerless Mitts

I'm Meg from Michigan, new to the KAL - I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful FO's and I'm finding the pattern listings quite useful. I finished a pair of mitts for my daughter for her birthday last weekend. I just improvised the pattern for her size. I'm currently working on a pair of composed mitts from the Fall IK for me, and they move along super quickly, except for the weaving in of ends! One of my next projects will be fingerless mitts for BIL for Christmas, so I'm on the lookout for manly patterns - any suggestions? ~Meg


rohanknitter said...

I like those!
Nice yarn!

rohanknitter said...

I like "Dashing" from Knitty for men.

Hattie said...

Yeah I like dashing too, either that or for guys, something plain. Like ribbing.

keri said...

Ooh we're on the same wavelength - I was going to say dashing too. Dashing it is I guess, right?? =)

Your mitts are beautiful - I love the yarn you chose!