Monday, October 22, 2007

Generic Fingerless Gloves

I've completed three pairs ( although I only photographed one ) of what I call generic fingerless gloves. I used the glove pattern from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns , specifically the pattern for 7.5 inch hand circumference and gauge of 5 sts/inch -- and of course just bound off each finger early. I used US 4 needles and the yarn was the wonderfully soft Kraemer Vintage 2006 Special Edition DK North American Alpaca that I stumbled across at my LYS.
The bound off fingers look a bit wonky in the photo but when worn look just fine . Maybe I should block them. Is anyone else blocking their fingerless gloves?
The three pairs will be gifted to my daughter's three cross country coaches. The cross country season is winding down and I think all three deserve coaches gifts. Where we live some meets can be quite chilly and hands get cold - however on meet day these coaches do lots of tasks that involve fine finger dexterity. I'm hoping these gifts will be appreciated.


Liana W.W. said...

I know for sure that some people are blocking (see "Second endpapers done" post). I say block them. It couldn't hurt, right?

keri said...

Those are so pretty and what a thoughtful gift! They will love it!