Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cactus Mittenettes

Finally I managed to finish my new pair of Cactus Mittenettes !! They’re very warm so I'll probably use them a lot.. :-D
I now need to make a matching hat with the remaining hank.. and another pair for my 3-yr old daughter !! (I'll just use smaller needles & yarn..)

(Please excuse the funny look, I’m holding the camera remote-control in my mouth.. :-P )


Bernadette said...

ROFL!!! That's a unique way to take a photo! (Remote in mouth!) Great mitts, great soft-looking yarn!!

Emily said...

Awesome photos, Sylvie. They look GREAT!

nuttnbunny said...

Ha! Lovely mitts :-)

picperfic said...

haha@the remote!

lovely snuggly mitts!