Monday, October 18, 2010

Joanne d'Arc

That is almost like Joanne d'Arc.
That was my association for the comment by knight "Like princess, like armor."
As for this, they immediately seen through the eyes of the imagination, as soon as I started to do this sleeves.
Nevertheless, I am very very proud of them ^ ^
They are the nicest in my opinion made so far, perhaps because most get in my taste-this time with crochet lace and nice color.

I think if that does not conjure up a similar, because all of this mine are not even started, and I have more ideas.

This time I used the google translator, so please forgive me any errors ^^'


keri said...

beautiful! Love the two tone!

Melinda Ford said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm new to this blog and I am absolutely in love with every one of the recent posts you've done. You're amazing! Did you make this one up too?

Barb said...

these are lovely!

danielle bork said...

do you have a crochet pattern for these gloves?