Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Handspun Cashmere Wristlets

I finally finished the knitted wristlets I'd been planning using this free pattern. The yarn is so decadent, it was handspun by me using 100% cashmere top which gave me 150 yards of yarn in 2 ounces.

The pattern itself was super simple and easy to make. The construction is very easy, it's knit flat and then seamed. I only had enough yarn to knit 4 repeats but they are the perfect size and super luxurious.

Another knit down and tossed into my christmas gift pile!

~Your hostess, Keri


atlaw said...

I love your handspun wristlets. Gives me some ideas of what to do with small, beautiful skeins of handspun yarn.

Miss P said...

What a great site! Hope you don't mind but have linked to it in my blog (that's if I've done it right, as am a bit of a novice!!)

keri said...

Thanks Atlaw! :)

keri said...

Thanks Miss P, welcome! :)

Fairy said...