Sunday, February 3, 2008

one more pair of Serpentine

Following the purple pair below, I made another pair of red Serpentine mitts for my sister's birthday, as her office is chilly in winter. (Again the mysterious Chinese sock/baby wool yarn.)

They were again a quick and pleasing project, and the pattern is highly recommended.
This is a good project to practise cabling without a needle.
I even worked on the cable panel on my bus/subway/streetcar commute!

However that may have been a real moment of hubris, as I made an error on the last cable row. When I tried to correct it with a crochet hook (not on a moving vehicle) I actually made the situation much worse, and ended up ripping the whole thing. If I had added a lifeline at the start of the cable panel I would not have had to do the ribbing all over .... however I think it only took two or three days of commuting to recreate the glove.

Lisa in Toronto

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