Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Different Kind of Fingerless Glove... :(

Most UNfortunately, I have a new fingerless glove I need to wear - and it's not knitted! I have been having intermittent pain and numbness in my left arm, from fingertips to neck and shoulder blade. It seems after an orthopedic exam and x-rays that I have both carpal tunnel (in the left wrist) and a pinched nerve due to arthritis in the neck. :( I have known about both problems and had issues in the past, but with restarting my knitting in earnest again, they are resurfacing unpleasantly. I am going to be having physical therapy, and also probably an MRI (to see the extent of the problem in the neck). I am hoping that it will not impact my knitting too much - I love it so! I guess it's not the best time to want to take up spinning, either, but what's a fiber-loving knitter to do?? I'm hoping I can learn to do these things without damaging my arm and neck any further. (At least, I'm determined to try!)

I'd love to hear from anyone who has dealt with similar issues... especially if there are tricks to dealing with them and still knitting regularly!


carolynhannah said...

Oh Bernadette, that is awful. I too suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - I also type for most of the day which does not help with the pain. I was offered an operation on my hand but opted against that. From my experience, you really have to rest when you are hurting and the brace does help. I also squeeze one of those "stress balls" (a couple of sets of 5 - you can also use a tennis ball) as it does seem to strenghen the area.

I hope your therapy works - maybe with the warmer weather coming it will help also with pain.


Anni said...

Poor you. I hope you find something that works for you. I just had an operation (right hand). Not an easy decision, but the right one in my case. I'm on my way back slow and steady. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I had carpal tunnel release surgery last year, in both wrists, and it was a complete success. I had suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for several years and wore that very same brace when I slept every night for several years. Finally, a new doctor gave me a nerve conduction test and that tells them how severe the condition is. In one had it was moderate and the other mild. But, as I understand, if you let it go too long, and it continues to worsen and not "heal," it can possibly do permanent nerve damage. I would recommend seeing an expert "hand" doctor for consultation, if you haven't already--that would be an orthopedic doctor who specializes in hand and wrist issues. Have you made any decisions? How are you now?

KnitSix said...

I just started having hand/wrist/elbow/arm/neck pain about a week and a half ago :-( And, as a writer/editor/knitter/spinner/crocheter, everything I do is related to using my hands!

I bought a wrist support and also took as much of a break as I could from knitting. It's important not to knit if it hurts at all, and to stop for a break every 20 minutes.

Your PT will probably be very helpful. My chiropractor recommended ice and ibuprofen, as well. And I've also heard that acupuncture can help, so I'm going to try that.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am a licensed massage therapist and have had several family members suffer similar conditions and so I researched... I found research by an Oklahoman M.D. who discovered that by utilizing reflexology, specific stretches along with massage and an increased diet of particular vitamins canceled out the necessity of surgery for nearly all of his patients.I have combined the findings of his research and my knowledge of massage therapy and reflexology to create a sort of carpal tunnel/repetitive stress treatment. I believe that our western society has top notch emergency care, however the more I learn the more I lean on the deep history of natural health care of the eastern societies which have withstood the 'test of time'. Our country is so new in comparison. We should be individually responsible for our own health in a proactive way and utilize ALL possible resources for health and wellness and not limit ourselves to what our personal physician and his "network" of specialists know or do not know.That in my opinion is irresponsible and puts far too much responsibility on any one individual, who cannot control our environmental, emotional, or dietary intake.We should not put so much on Medical Doctors.
Wow! Didn't know that was going to turn out to be a rant. Take it or leave it, I guess.
I would love to share my findings as it has helped countless clients, family members and myself. It does however require diligence which it seems you have when admiring your handy work!!! I could send the info in an excel doc. to an email address, unless their is an easier way.
I am responding to this blog because my mother knew I would have some potentially helpful info to share, and she directed me to read it...Desiree' Angelle, LMT Atlanta, GA

T. said...

Heat will help the reason is it brings healing blood to the area to help it to heal, put your brace on over the fingerless mitts it will help hold the heat in.
When it starts getting sharp you have overdone, so (like you don't know that already right?)put a cold compac on your wrist for 20 minutes then heat for 20 minutes then rest from both for 20 minutes repeat as necessary.
I wish you all the best!