Monday, December 22, 2008

I needed these 3 months ago...

Yes 3 months ago here in Chicago was perfect weather for fingerless mitts. Last month would have been nice too since the heat wasn't working at my job. But getting these mitts has been a long journey and it isn't even over yet!
When I decided that i needed them I had my heart set on Eunny Jang's Endpapers but Eunny's website with the pattern was not working so I hunted around ravelry for others who had made the pattern and and found Monica to send me the pattern. I had this really great forest green koigu that I am in love with and this Lorna's laces that would give a nice stripe background, if it would stripe nicely. it didn't. RRRIIIIPPPP! Both of these yarns were in my stash and I really like them and I have had a particularly difficult time finding a good pattern for the lorna's laces. Ok So maybe I try a different pattern with Just the Lorna's. I kinda liked the Nereid and thought that might look nice in shades of ecru and grey and purpley-bluey black. One repeat into the cuff and I didn't like it. RRRIIIPPPP! My heart was totally set on the Endpapers. I liked the fair isle. I had never done fair isle and the stranding would make an almost double layered mitt so it would be extra warm. I gave in. I went to my fave knitting store and stared at the koigu wall. I liked gray as contrast to the dark green but camel would be nice too and look at this nice berry burgundy. It matches my coat. And there is the green-blue mix that i making a scarf out of... i love koigu. its not a yarn crack problem that I have it is a koigu crack problem that i have. Anyway I bought a gray that didn't stray too far from its muted color range-it is almost a solid, another ball of green-i don't know why. One is enough for this project. i also bought the berry burgundy and an olive green mix. So i can make another pair! crack. Its like crack. i just can't stop. It totally could have been worse and I got a free tote bag with my purchase! So now it is almost January and I have one mitt done. Almost. I have to cast off in the fancy cast off it recommends. And I still have to knit the other one. they should be ready for next fall since winter in Chicago requires industrial grade thinsulate and a minimum of 16 layers to keep one luke warm.

This is my first post here so thanks to Keri for letting me be apart of this blog!

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keri said...

Such a gorgeous color - your mitts look fantastic!