Monday, January 11, 2010

Where is everyone?

Just took a little peak at this blog and no one has posted in a long time!  I get busy in the summer making and selling jewelry, but now that it is cold I started to knit again.  I am making socks right now.  Why don't we all check in and let everyone know what we are doing.


Anonymous said...

I just found this blog (1/13/10) while looking for fingerless glove patterns. I made three pairs of Fetching and gave them away, so I decided I should explore the genre a little more! I've had fun scrolling through the various patterns you link to. Thanks for the resource!


SANDY said...

I've got a scarf for hubby on the needles, 2 ghans in the works (one for a friend at work, one for charity), some yummy yarn calling out to me for a scarf for myself, more yummy yarn daughter wanted a scarf from, a friend who wants a baby something, and my older brother requested a baby gift. I want vs other's wants.

Visiting all Bridge and Beyond members and followers to ask everyone to double their efforts with knitting and crocheting. The need is great and continues to grow each and everyday.

baby face said...

I have a chronic illness and love
looking at this blog to see what
everyone is making. I know so many
people making fingerless mitts,
why are so few posted? Are you
going to do away with the blog or
are you going to wait and see
what happens.