Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brrr! It's getting cold outside!

Last night as I was out walking boy it was getting cold! My hands were freezing and it got me thinking about fingerless mitts and what I wanted to knit this fall season.

Anyone else up for a knit along? We could have a few patterns as part of the knit along and I'm considering designing a pattern too (top down so we can use up every inch of yarn!)

Let me know if you're in - and if you have a particular pattern you want to use!

Your hostess,


Mary in VA said...

I just decided this morning I needed new mitts as last year's were looking a little scruffy. Then saw the new free pattern at Spud & Chloe, realized I had 4 colors of fine that would be perfect, and started playing with the random stripe generator to figure out my stripe pattern. So I guess that's a lot of words to say "I'm in"

keri said...

What an adorable pattern! I didn't even know spud and chloe had a blog. Thanks so much for the info!