Monday, October 4, 2010

My fingerless mittens

Hi! ^^
I love knitting and crocheting, and other handmade, so for this fall I made some pairs of new, colorful mittens. They're for other person but I would like to make another for my own ^^
I hate cold days... brrrr.

What do You think? ^^
btw. "śliweczka" in polish means plum.

Edit ^^
This pattern was born in my mind while doing it.

I using needle nr 5 [5mm], and various violet and purple acrylic yarns- Oliwia, Yarn Art and Sonia.

Pattern Stitches:
K1, P1, Ribbing [for cable]

Row 1:
*k1, p1; rep from *= 28 "chains"
Repeat Row 1
12 more times.

Change the color [yarn]. This is time for cable.
You can find easy pattern for simple cable ^^

And after you'll knitting this part [ex. 16-20 rows] it's time for repeat row 1, until it'll have proper size- I repeat row 1 5 more times.

It's too hard for describe, because my English is not good enough... :(

Good luck! ^^'


keri said...

Those are gorgeous! I just love the color!

DrLeonesse said...


Fairy said...

Thanks ^^

vdalis said...

i love these and would like to try to make these for my daughter. can you tell me the pattern and yarn that you used. i am a beginner knitter.

Melissa said...

I'm looking for a good fingerless mittens pattern as well. Can you share this pattern?

Basia said...

These are beautiful. I have done several pairs of simple k2 p2 wristers, but now am inspired to do these. Thanks so much. Do you live in Poland? Where?

Fairy said...

Basia- Yes, in Warsaw ^^ thanks :*

Knitwit said...

Has anyone made the smocked fingerless mitts by Tonia Barry from the 60 Quick Knits book?
I am stuck on a step and I need help figuring out what to do next.
On page 64, thumb placement, it says to work sts 1-4 twice which would make 8 stitches and put them on waste yarn, and then slip these 8 sts back to LH needle, then with working yarn, work sts 1-4 twice more. Continue to follow chart to rnd 8, then repeat rnds 1-8 once more, then rnds 1-4 once. Work in k2, p2 rib for 2 rnds. Bind off in rib.
Now my problem: When I've made mittens in the past, once I put stitches onto waste yarn I leave them there until I have finished the hand and go back and pick them up and make the thumb. This pattern seems to say that I work the 8 stitches for two times more and then continue on with the rest of the row following the chart. And also, why would I have 16 stitches when I begin the thumb?? Live sts? Not something I know either. If someone can help me figure this out so I can finish the mitt I will be so grateful. I love the pattern, it looks awesome. I am just not able to finish it as I have tried almost everything and don't know what is right. Thank you.

Chantel said...

Thank you for posting! I made a similar version based on your pattern and they turned out wonderfully! I even made two more pairs for my sisters for Christmas and they regularly get compliments on them.