Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Granny mitts for fall

I've been quite obsessed with granny squares lately, looking everywhere for vintage patterns (mostly from the 70s, ah those funky colors !!)

And so anyways, I wanted to make some mini mitts with granny squares. I looked around and saw there was hardly any available, and the one there was was not my taste. So I designed my own.. and I love them !! I made those Granny mitts with 2 colors of Silk Garden by Noro. (I've also made another pair using only one skein of the same color but I think I prefer the 2 colors one)

I have already made several pairs, so quick and such a satisfying project ! My friend claimed my second pair, and I'm finishing a third pair for my 4 yo with some dk yarn and a smaller hook.. :-)


keri said...

Very pretty pattern! Great design!

I just recently became obsessed with granny squares so this is right up my alley =)

picperfic said...

these look great!