Sunday, November 16, 2008

Membership Open !

Hi Everyone!

By popular request I've reopened the blog to new members. I apologize for my delay in doing so - I've been in the midst of a cross country move (NC to Washington) and it was a BIG one! =) Still settling in but I didn't want the cold weather to pass us by before we got started so here we are! =)

Anyhow - old members are allowed to post whenever they want. If you're new here and you would like an invitation to the blog simply send me an email to kmckiernan(at)gmail(dot)com. Replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with a . and there you go. Please send me the name you'd like to go by and the email you want it sent to along with your blog link or ravelry link (if you have one, not required) and I'll add you to the sidebar as well.

Anyhow - so who's got mitts? I'd love to see what you've been working on, I know there are TON of adorable new patterns out this year. I'll be opening a new pattern post shortly so you can add all your links there.

Have you seen toast and toasty??? So cute and a free pattern to boot! I have a pair of toasty right now on my needles in some leftover malabrigo silky wool - Mmmm so decadent!

Let's run this one a bit longer this year??? I'll keep membership open until the end of February and you can join anytime between now and then!

Take care and happy fingerless mitts knitting!
Your happy hostess,
=) Keri


Sasha said...

Hmm, Washington you say? You're right nearby? Interesting.

Angelika said...

Woohoo, we are on again. Nice. Too bad all the mittens I made so far were full ones, as in with a tip to it. But I need a new pair of fingerless ones to walk my dogs. :)