Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fingerless Mitts for a Preteen

Here’s my latest variation on my free basic fingerless mitt pattern:
Mitts for my 12-year-old daughter for Christmas!

I added a cable up the back for fun. Knit in Dream in Color’s Smooshy Sock Yarn, colorway Black Parade. Because I wanted these sturdy enough to hold up to hard wear/outdoor wear (as opposed to the Piano Mitts, which were designed more to wear indoors), I knit them on smaller needles, size 1 US, so therefore cast on 48 stitches instead of 40. Otherwise, the gusset etc. is the same as my basic pattern. She likes them!

(At least based on the fact that she didn’t take them off all day, pretty much.)


Bernadette said...

Really pretty! The hat is wonderful, too - did you make it as well? Your daughter looks very happy, especially in the last photo. It's a lovely shot of her and your work!

carolynhannah said...

These are great as is the hat. My daughter would love the whole ensemble. As for not taking them off all day - it's a bit like getting new shoes - one could almost sleep in them!