Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I got my goodies, Thursday right before I left for Florida

Noriko did a great job with all kinds of goodies for me. The fingerless mittens are pure and simple decadence! Merino, plum, simple and gorgeous! It appears that she used a twisted knit stitch, which adds a little dimension. She included lots of candy probably enough to get sick on. Hello Pandas and Japanese candy. Some beads that I am going to of course make stitch markers with and lip balm. My favorite part is she gave me skein of the yarn she used so I am going to make a matching Free-Standing Muffler.


Bernadette said...

Great package! The mitts are beautiful - love the ribbon!

carolynhannah said...

Very nice - I think the ribbon is starting a trend - I have purple ribbons in my own design as well (Nov 30th posting).

norichan said...

It is a twisted knit rib stitch. :o) Very observant! I hope you like them... The lip balm is made by a local company in the Portland-ish area. It's a little stiffer than normal chap stick, but I thought it was neat.