Friday, December 7, 2007

I signed up as the last swap partner. I really wanted to and couldn't talk myself, a student, out of it, even though the BIG assignment loomed overhead. I was partnered with Noriko, who lives less then 700 miles from me now, and is also in school, studying optometry. What is so funny is that I am a veterinary technician and can not stand anything dealing with eyes, I tear up just thinking about it, and my poor optometrist, they should just sedate me.
She says she loves pink, and rides her bike to school. So off I went to ravelry to look through a few convertable mittens patterns and found my favorite. I ordered the book though amazon see my blog for story. I found the best yarn, jitterbug, and even found the cutest beads I turned into buttons. I had to change the pattern a little because they were so small but I think they make the gloves.

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