Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Composed Mitts Are Done!

Hi, I just joined this blog and I am really impressed by the number of beautiful completed Fingerless Mitts. My Composed Mitts from Interweave Fall '07 are done just in time for our first snowfall. They are blocking and will be ready for wear in the morning. I am very pleased with the results...These mitts are absolutely gorgeous!

This was a great knit to practice fair isle or color standing knitting. I am a bit rusty in this area but the pattern directions/charting were easy to follow and needed no major adjustments. I would recommend this pattern to an advance beginner who wants to learn fair isle or knit something fun with more than one color.

I used Berrocco Ultra Light instead of the Blue Sky Alpaca that is used in the original. Berrocco Ultra Light's color selection is awesome for those who love rich vibrant colors. The five colors that I used are not an exact match to the original pattern but they are close and I was able to result the same visual impact. I have a lot of yarn left over but I am considering knitting these mitts again in another color palette.

With size 4 6"Chia Goo bamboo double point needles I was able to get gauge. I ordered these needles to try them out. My experience is that they appear to get better with use. On these needles, Berrocco Ultra Light knits up soft and airy. The wool definitely adds strength and provide the memory effect to the yarn. I was concerned that my mitts would grow with wear if I used 100% Alpaca.

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carolynhannah said...

Only got to this now - catching up in the New Year.

These are out of this world - I must try these this year when I try and track down the pattern.