Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Pattern

Hi y'all. . . .I just found an awesome pattern on Ravelry while looking up the yarn I'm knitting some socks with. . . I wish I'd knit these instead! Well, not entirely, I really like the socks and now don't want to give them as a gift!
In fingerless knitting news. . . I have two new pair of Endpapers OTN for Christmas presents. My first pair for me is complete, but waiting to soak/block. I love that the pattern knits so fast. . . they definitely are addictive, but when those 2 pair are done I'm doing the Mirror Twists :)


Bernadette said...

Thanks for the pattern link! I put it on the sidebar. :) ====>

carolynhannah said...

I just checked out the Mirror Twists - they are fabulous - another thing on the "to do list".

Thanks for sharing.