Monday, November 5, 2007

More Knucks

After my last pair of Knucks, my cousin and aunt (who had apparently been lurking around my blog) left me a comment strongly suggesting that these would make nice Christmas presents (presumably for them), but definitely in blue. None of this pumpkin color. So I am obliging. This pair is in Rowan Felted Tweed in Midnight and has the 1x1 ribbed cuff. Now that I'm looking at the pictures, the bound off edge looks a little wonky...must fix. This is my fifth pair of Knucks, and I still love making 'em!

I agree with Katie. One of the great things about this KAL is that it has provided very good incentive to finish Christmas presents early. Thanks, Keri!


Nanda said...

wow, those are so pretty! i thought i was over making fingerless mitts for the year (i've made 2 pairs of fetchings & 1 of maine morning mitts) but you are inspiring me to make a pair of knucks!

Bernadette said...

These are nice and look toasty! I like your photo, too - a tree hugger, eh? Cute!! :)

knitbysue said...

I like your hug-a-tree photo. And that's a cool color yarn.
I'm one of those with the pumpkin color knucks . I love the color but now that I'm breaking out some of my scarves and hats to wear I'm realizing most of my other knitwear is clashing with my pumpkin knucks :). Maybe it's time for a pumpkin color hat and scarf.

Beth said...

They look great! What a terrific color.