Monday, November 5, 2007

Lobster Claws

I've finished! Here they are:

(It's pretty hard to take your own pictures of fingerless mitts in action!)

I appreciated the tips I got about picking up stitches for the fingers so I wouldn't have holes to stitch over, but I ended up not taking the fingers down to re-work--I'll use the tips on my next set of fingerless (or semi-fingerless, as these seem to be) mitts. I have more details here on my blog.

And thanks for the KAL which was my incentive to finish these mitts. They're sweet, feminine and really warm!


Jennifer said...

Those are just adorable! And such a pretty color.

Bernadette said...

Great job! They are pretty and nice for either everyday or dress wear.

jennifersm said...

Thanks for your kind comments!