Thursday, November 1, 2007

Montera Mitts

I finished these mitts a week ago - I kept forgetting to post them! These were done on the fly - no pattern. They are simple, and I like the ribbing at the top because it keeps the mitts snug on your fingers. They look a bit long, but that's because they are a gift for someone with longer fingers (and prettier hands!) than mine.
Yarn: Classic Elite Montera "Majolica Blue".


knitbysue said...

They look great. Your friend with the long friends is lucky. It's a beautiful shade of blue.

carolynhannah said...

mm I love these - colour is great and your hands look pretty in them. I might try something like this with the ribbing at the top to keep the mitts snug.

keri said...

What a gorgeous blue - they look so warm and cozy!