Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Free Patterns Added!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I added a few more free patterns to the list in the sidebar. They were given in individual posts, and I thought it would be good to put them in the list so they can easily be found: Smockies, Wristers, and Wristers Adjusted for Boys

Also, I finished writing my Roses and Ruffles Fingerless Mitts pattern, for those who were interested in the how-to's I have put up the pattern here.

Happy knitting!!!


carolynhannah said...
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carolynhannah said...

Thanks Bernadette for the pattern. Only problem now is so many little time!

Maybe over the Xmas holidays I will treat myself and knit a pair just for me.

knitbysue said...

Bernadette, Can you please post the Kyla Mitt pattern over on the sidebar also? It was mentioned in a few individual posts after the October contest. Thank you,
The pattern can be downloaded from this page:

Bernadette said...

Sue, I added the Kyla pattern! I am not sure how I missed that one - I even printed a copy for myself! After the pattern is added to the list, Blogger also requires that you click "save changes". I know in the beginning I forgot that a couple of times... I lost my updates, and had to re-post them. I wonder if that's what happened with this pattern. Thanks for requesting it!

keri said...

Thanks so much Bernadette- I greatly appreciate your help!

I just found another one that may or may not be on the list, the serpentine gloves by mim (

Bernadette said...

Keri, thanks so much! I added it and printed it, too! I will definitely be knitting this one!:)